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The first in my new series of welded sculpture, Murmuration is made up of recycled industrial steel .  She is 5'5" 

tall and was the winner of the Peoples Choice award in Castlegar Sculpturewalk in 2022.



Inside the 28" diameter globe there is a nesting robin made from mosaic.  My interpretation of the theme "What is Home" for the Oak Bay Sculpturewalk 2023

Stag Party

This one just evolved.  I started out with the idea of a deer's head on a male torso, then thought it would be fun to have some birds partying in the antlers.  The jay and the cardinal are mosaic over a steel and concrete armature.  It is part of the Sioux Falls Sculpturewalk 2023.

Shelter - detail

Showing the nesting robin, her nest includes some common kitchen utensils and she has jade leaves around her nest.

Where the Buffalo Roam

I wanted to capture the feeling of a rugged cowboy out on the range.  The bison bring back memories of the times long ago when they roamed across most of North America.

Nep front BW.jpg

Neptune's Cry

This piece is my effort to bring awareness about the great levels of garbage and abandoned fishing gear in the ocean.  His trident is fouled with fishing lines and floats.  Inside, is a more untouched undersea scene, with starfish and kelp.

Neptune's Cry w P(1)_edited.jpg

Neptune's Cry

He is part of the Whiterock Promenade Sculpturewalk contest for 2023.  You can vote for him here until the end of November.

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