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the Dreamer

One of my first concrete sculptures , made for the Castlegar Sculpturewalk in 2010.  I was happy when it was purchased by the CBT for permanent display at one of the schools in Castlegar.  

Yes.... that is a concrete tree stump, made with my sandsculpting tools and using acid stains to achieve the bark look.


A portrait of Leonard Cohen created in 2017.  Originally displayed in Castlegar Sculpturewalk and later Sioux Falls, SD.  It was purchased by an avid Cohen fan there.

Oil and Gas Commission pumphouse

In 2014 I was commissioned to create something that would disguise the pump house in front of the new BC Oil and Gas Commission building in Fort St John.  The contractor created the plywood shell and I used a combination of materials to suggest rock cores.  The panel on the left is backlit at night and is airbrushed acrylic.

The main sections are done with pigments mixed in concrete mortar.

Ancestral Memory

Recognizing the fact that there are only a few of our elders who can remember catching salmon in the upper reaches of the Columbia Basin, I created this piece.  I want to raise awareness that we should be making efforts to bring back the salmon.   It is happening, but will take a lot more work yet.

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