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Inspired by the strong Doukhobor community of the Kootenays, I thought I would try creating a Matryoshka with local flavour.  The theme of regeneration after a forest fire carries right up from the sculpted concrete tree trunk.  I was able to use some Yukon jade in her necklace,  This was my second mosaic piece and was a co-winner of the People's Choice award in 2021

Rebirth - back

I created the design as I went, just sketching out the elements with chalk.  It was a very time consuming project, but I am very happy with the results.   I see more opportunities to create work that combines the welded steel and mosaic.


I was inspired by images of dancers wearing Monarch butterfly cloaks.  It started out "russian" but I made her Ukrainian.  Look closely to see her embroidered blouse, sunflowers and the blue and yellow in the skirt.

Metamorphosis - back

This one was an evolution as well.  I worked in a variety of foliage motifs and then let the bottom of the caterpillar go into a pixelated jungle.  After a year on exhibit in Oak Bay, it is now in Penticton for 2023.

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